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3 Διανυκτερεύσεις σε δίκλινο δωμάτιο μόνο 105€ και τα δύο άτομα (Εκτός εορτών και αργιών)
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Welcome to Karpenisi!

Karpenisi is located on the slopes of Trimfristos Mountain, at an altitude of 960 meters. According to a research of UNESCO, Euritania in general, and Karpenisi, are considered one of the leading region in environmental purity in the world, and the cleanest across Europe, so much that is the "basis" for any research measurements, since it is considered to have zero contamination.

The county has a Mediterranean climate of mountainous terrain with frequent rainfall, cool summers and mild winters. It is a purely mountainous area, with the greatest extension at an altitude of 1000 meters, and offers crystal clear waters and large forests. The clean armosphere, the healthy, dry, climate, the forests of planes, firs and chestnuts make Karpenisi the ideal destination for winter and summer holidays.

The central square of Karpenisi is paved with marble in harmonious colours with semicircular patterns that form the letters and the names of the old settlements of the area. Here also is the statue of Markos Botcharis. The Greek food, the local wine, and the traditional music, are what make Karpenisi a pleasant destination for everyone.

East of Karpenisi, the road from the lush green village of Agios Nikolaos until Krikelo, and the beautiful square with the traditional café, crosses wonderful sceneries full of Mediterranean vegetation such as lentisks and other shrubs. Near Krikelo is the historical Kokalia. The dirt road after Krikelo will lead you to Domnitsa, a village full of small churches that worth a visit for their beautiful temples and iconographies!

There is also the ski resort at Velouchi, only 12 kilometers from Karpenisi. It is equipped with 3 double-seater, and 3 single-seater lifts, and 10 rings that lift ou at 1.813 – 2.000 meters.

The area is ideal for ski, and there is also a shelter that serves meals. All these in an area which has so many fir forests that it was name the Switzerland of Greece. An excursion to the area will convince you!